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Servicing & Monitoring Contracts

Have an existing contract?
We can take over service & monitoring contracts. Our monitoring centre can easily take over the monitoring of your existing system. Its an easy process that is similar to switching electricity or telephone providers.

Contracts with us
All our contracts are based on a twelve month basis, we can increase this contract period at a favourable rate for your company

Contracts and monitoring can be paid via standing order to spread the costs.
Contact us to talk about services and monitoring contracts

At XGS Systems we are happy to take over your existing service contracts with other providers for service and monitoring purposes.

At XGS we give you peace of mind that your system is being maintained at regular intervals ensuring your system is working at its best at all times.  It is important to us that you have a team of professionals available 24/7 and all year round, we are only a phone call away should you have any problems with your existing systems.  Regular servicing of your systems means you save money in the long term.    

Our own monitoring centre can easily take over the monitoring of your existing system; we can work with you to enable a smooth takeover process.  It really is as easy as switching your telephone or electricity providers and will undoubtedly save you money.

Usually the systems we use are dual com, red care and red care GSM digital communicators.  There are only a few exceptions to the rule with regards to the takeover of an existing contract, these are usually systems that have been installed by one of the industries bigger companies with closed systems, but systems can usually be changed over for an open system and still save you money.

We can take over any size of contract, be it a small or large company and we can cover most areas within the UK, no contract is too big for us!

At XGS Systems our contracts are for twelve months, however if you would like to negotiate a longer contract with us by fixing the price, we have no problem with this.

We can discuss with you various different payment methods, such as a standing order to spread the payments over an agreed time.  Give us a call to discuss our contracts further and we can advise you on the best solution for you.


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